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Re: Proposal for 1.3: 1099 and equivalent tracking

Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
> Also, by grouping 2{a,b,c} do you mean printed on separate forms, i.e.
> limit to one country code per form?

At least for small amounts of sales it's easier than it looks.  I
currently handle this by setting any customer that will be zero rated
for EC vat to have the tick box cleared on the vat tax item and to have
an entry in their "tax number" item.  Then at the end of the quarter I
simply do a Debtors | Reports | Search and ask for all the invoices,
plus the tax number, sort by tax number and export only the items which
have a tax number set.  The list of tax numbers, plus the next amounts
paid are exactly what is reported in the EC sales list

This is very straightforward for my needs, but I only have a dozen or so
EC invoices. 

If you are a larger business with more EC sales then you actually incur
a whole liability to report all your vattable sales directly to the
individual countries in the EC!!  I am a bit scared of how that's going
to apply and when...