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Re: Proposal for 1.3: 1099 and equivalent tracking

Chris Travers wrote:
So here is my proposal:

Basic Design:
1)  We allow users to designate nationality of companies and persons.
Maybe this should go into the entity table?
2)  We allow one to designate tax reporting forms as attached to
countries. (1099-MISC, 1099-INT, etc)
3)  Vendor accounts are attached to one of these tax reporting forms.
4)  Line items would be subject to being flagged as reportable or not.

For reporting:
1)  One would be able to do a top-level summary report on all vendors
subject to reporting in a given time period (usually year)
2)  Clicking through the vendor, you could look at all transactions
and all portions that would be reportable.
3)  Clicking through this, you could see the transaction

For editing after post (one might flag an invoice item as reportable
when it is not, etc):
1)  New button and routine for saving internal info on invoices.
Saves reportability and internal notes ONLY.

Advanced topics possible (but not included in current effort):
1)  LaTeX templates to fill in forms.

What do people think?
Chris Travers


That sounds very much like what is required for EC Sales List reporting for EU countries. For each client resident in another EU country, we would need to record
a) country code,
b) VAT registration number
c) value of sales

We would need to be able to group the countries into
a) own country
b) other EU country
c) non-EU country.
John Bell