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Re: Proposal for 1.3: 1099 and equivalent tracking

Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
On Mon, 20 Apr 2009 09:32:47 +0300, John Bell wrote:
That sounds very much like what is required for EC Sales List reporting for EU countries. For each client resident in another EU country, we would need to record
a) country code,
b) VAT registration number
c) value of sales

We would need to be able to group the countries into
a) own country
b) other EU country
c) non-EU country.

Thanks for the info, John. What is the common term for the form in 1c)?


Also, by grouping 2{a,b,c} do you mean printed on separate forms, i.e.
limit to one country code per form?


The common name is "EC Sales List" - in the UK the form is VAT-101. Other countries would have different form numbers. I get the impression that, in general conversation, the British (at least) are likely to use the form name, rather than the form number. If you asked a businessman what a VAT 101 was he wouldn't know, but ask him what an EC Sales List was and he would know. The US, otoh seem to prefer to use the form number - probably because there are so many :-)

We only need to report 2b All countries on the same form - I understand that some VAT authorities require 2c, probably on a different report.