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Re: upgrade from sql-ledger 2.8


On Fri, 6 Mar 2009 08:52:52 -0800
Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:

> The first question is what functionality you use in SQL-Ledger 2.8.
> If you use vouchers/batches, you are better off waiting until 1.3.

I do not use them.

> This means you can migrate to LSMB 1.2 if you have not added
> customizations to do this.


> If this is the case, I think you could probably add some views to
> emulate the older data and then run the old migration scripts.  To do
> this, rename the customer and vendor tables, and make views joining
> their records to the address table.

I am not that home with SQL. Is there any good howto for doing these
kind of stuff?

Where do I find these scripts I should run?

> Also you will need to do some minor alteration of the defaults table
> (renaming columns) to match our model (setting_key, value).  Also make
> sure the currency setting is 'curr' and not 'currency.'

This is doable.

best regards
Maanus Kask