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Re: How to deal with overpayment.

You would have to issue a correcting invoice and then apply the balance to it.

To apply the balance to a new invoice, process the payment as you
normally would, issue a negative payment against the overpayment and a
positive against the new invoice.

On 6/9/07, Jigme Datse <..hidden..> wrote:
I know I have read something about this before.  I have 2 invoices
that should be closed (ie. they've been fully paid out), one is an
over payment of some $200, the other is a $75 charge on account.  I
want to get these closed if possible, but I don't know how this would
affect the way that the aged ballance looks.  I know there are
probably a number of ways to do this, I just want to get some ideas of
how others are dealing with this.  I'm currently using 1.1, but am
considering upgrading to 1.2.  Thank you very much.

Jigme Datse

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