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Re: Upgrading from SL using FC6 and ledger-smb RPM


> > > > If I have multiple installs of SL for multiple companies, can I organise
> > > > LS so that I have one install and multiple conf files?
> >
> > When I was using SQLL I had multiple copies of the code dirs
> > corresponding to multiple aliases
> > in /etc/httpd/conf/sql-ledger-httpd.conf but that seems clumsy - is
> > there a better way to do this?
> Depends.  You have to have unique usernames.  If this is the case, you
> can use the import_members.pl to import all the memberfiles into the
> same auth database.  Then the same installation can serve all of them.

So a particular user is associated with a particular dataset?  How does
that work?


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