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Re: Over receiving items on purchase orders

Well, when we get to order/invoice rewriting, we will deal with this problem.

A large part of the problem has to do with the way orders are handled
in the database when items are shipped or invoiced.  This is a whole
bunch of wtf's which I won't go into here.

Look for a solution to a lot of these problems in 1.4.  If we create a
fix before then, a) it may break other things and b) we will have to
redesign the whole thing in 1.4 anyway...

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 4/30/07, Ed W <..hidden..> wrote:


 If you are using shipping or something then I don't know how that will work
we found that SL's shipping/receiving caused very weird things to happen and
am sure it has destroyed our onhand values over time so we only use p/o's
direct conversion to vendor invoices.

 Good to know. Sounds like I've either run across a bug or I'll need to
help the client adjust their processes.

 I reported this to Dieter and he denied that the problem existed.  Then I
notice that there is a fix for something similar sounding in the new SL

 The Changelog reference suggests that the problem occurs when shipping is
used, invoice is raised, then the original order is deleted (or I wonder if
perhaps it also occurs on a change...?)

 ....Perhaps someone would be interested in fixing this in the current SMB
codebase because it would be extremely useful to have working shipping
functionality which doesn't bugger up the onhand...

 As an aside the following query shows the onhand values as of a given date.
 It would be very useful if this were a standard report on the system (eg
for doing inventory checks and certain end of year/quarter reports)

 Ed W

 select id, partnumber, description, onhand, sold, bought, -bought+-sold as
   (select *,
     (select COALESCE(sum(i.qty), 0)
     FROM invoice i
     JOIN ar a ON (a.id = i.trans_id)
     where i.parts_id = p.id
     and transdate <= '2007-03-31') as sold,

     (select COALESCE(sum(i.qty), 0)
     FROM invoice i
     JOIN ap a ON (a.id = i.trans_id)
     where i.parts_id = p.id
     and transdate <= '2007-03-31') as bought

   from parts p
   where assembly=false
   ) as foo
 where bought+sold <> 0
 order by description

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