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Over receiving items on purchase orders

Howdy folks...

I have a perplexing situation that I'm trying to figure out.

Let's say a client generates a purchase order for 30 items. Two weeks later, we receive 20 of those items and we receive in the 20 we got within LSMB. 1 week later, we receive another 12, which we also received into LSMB for a total of 32.

Now, here's where it gets weird:

We didn't adjust the quantity of items on the purchase order because we want to keep a record of what we actually ordered vs. what was received. Consequently, when we turn that purchase order into an invoice, we're charged for 32 items (which is correct), but when we go back to review what should be a closed purchase order, we find a line item with a qty of -2 (30 originally ordered - 32 items actually received).

How should I be handling this? Should I be adjusting the qty for the line item on the purchase order? There are times when we receive overstock when we don't want to pay for it because it's not what we ordered but it's being given to us by the vendor and we want it in stock. Therefore, we want to keep the original qty for the line item.

On the other hand, I see no way of dealing with the extras short of dumping the extra two into another vendor invoice and setting the price to zero.

I'm hoping I was clear on this as it's been a confusing process just figuring out what happened here. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.