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Re: (apparently) cosmetic tax rounding bug

Quoting M Lubratt <..hidden..>:

It seems to me that if one uses the "Summary" of the report, the Amount
column includes non-taxable items.  Whereas when you use "Detail", the
amount column includes only the items that are taxable.  Thus, it appears to
be miscaculated on the Summary report; but, it isn't.

Is this the issue?

No, it's the Mysterious Case of the Appearing Penny.  Observe, in summary:
Amount    Tax     Total
4,560.00  798.00  5,358.00

And now in detail:
Amount    Tax     Total
  325.00   56.88    381.88
4,235.00  741.13  4,976.13
========  ======  ========
4,560.00  798.01  5,358.01

The tax on each line-item is being rounded separately, so where you should have had .875 + .125, you get .88 + .13.

I have decided to ignore this report now, anyway.


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