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Re: Closing an invoice even when it doesn't want to be.

Create a contra-income account for tracking the penny and pay against
that account.

We may want to automate this process as time goes by.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 4/28/07, ..hidden.. <..hidden..> wrote:
HI all,

I have a scenario which I'm not sure how to handle in LedgerSMB.

I have an customer invoice which is settled, but is a penny out.  The
customer's accounting system has a rounding error (these things get
everywhere), and basically they are paying me £0.01 less than this
particular invoice calls for.  I'm not going to cry over a penny.
Even the bloodsuckers^Wrevenue don't care about pennies.  To tidy
things up, I put through a manual GL transaction, crediting the debtor
control account and debiting the VAT account to the tune of £0.01.

The problem is that according to the 'AR Aging' and 'Outstanding'
reports, this invoice is still open, with an unpaid balance of £0.01.

I'm guessing that I can stop LedgerSMB from complaining by going into
the database and manually updating the 'paid' field for this invoice,
however that seems a bit messy and, worse, unaudited.

I'd be grateful for any advice...


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