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Re: Migrating from SL 2.6.27

Take a look at something:

In psql:

select version from defaults;

Best wishes,
Chris Travers

On 4/26/07, M Lubratt <..hidden..> wrote:
Well, I'm finally taking the plunge (on one installation at least).

I've followed the Wiki instructions for migrating a SL installation to LS
1.1.12.  I've encountered a couple of issues and I'm wondering if someone
can point me in the right direction.

1.  My cookies don't seem to be working (using Opera and Seamonkey).  I have
to reenter the password on every screen - sometimes even twice.

2.  I successfully logged into my first migrating company and received the
"Upgrading to Version 1.1.12 ... done" message.  I then click on "Continue"
and I get the following error:

DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: relation "custom_table_catalog" does not
DBD::Pg::st fetchrow_hashref failed: no statement executing
Set-Cook: LedgerSMB=; path=/; Set-Cookie: DiedHere=true; path=/; Session

And then another prompt for my password.  The Session expired! above is
flashing red.


PostgreSQL 8.2.4
Apache 2.2
FreeBSD 6.2

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