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Re: interested in consulting for food co-op?

Much of this is standard LedgerSMB. The one feature which might be
some work is the tracking of member hours in conjunction with working
status. In our co-op members who work 2 hours a month are considered
working members and don't pay a surcharge. Members can bank these
hours and deplete them if they don't work for some months. It's not a
complicated database but it just needs to work well with LedgerSMB.

Worst case you should be able to simulate this with some external SQL reports which just aggregate up the data.

In a previous life I used to produce loads of "live" excel worksheets which drag in the data from a database onto a sheet, then hit it with a pivot table and the results usually drop out neatly and are very easy to datamine. Just open them up and hit F9 and you are right up to date with the latest figures.

If you need something more advanced from there then see what the basic reports do for you and work it back from that....

Ed W