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Re: apache configuration


You will need to find a file called httpd.conf which holds the config for Apache. I don't have a system with Kubuntu here right now (planned for maybe tomorrow :-) but in general it hides somewhere in /etc like /etc/apache2 or /etc/httpd. If that directory has a subdirectory "conf.d" you just need to add ledgersmb-httpd.conf to that directory and it will be picked up automatically on apache reload, otherwise you'll need to add an 'include' statement in httpd.conf.

One note: the script is supposed to replace the "WORKING_DIR" in ledgersmb-httpd.conf with the actual directory but I found a tiny bug in the script, quick repeat of bug + fix follows below. Otherwise just do it manually in an editor.

=== begin ===

So, line 3

sed -i "s|WORKING_DIR|$CWD|"

should be

sed -i "s|WORKING_DIR|$CWD|" ledgersmb-httpd.conf

=== end ===

/// P ///