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New bug found in LedgerSMB. Fix available, action recommended

Hi all;

A new bug was found in LedgerSMB today which only affects a subset of
users.  I am making a patch available for those users affected.

Cause:  Improper transaction handling combined with data type error in
new databases can lead to orphaned database entries.  This does not
happen on upgrades (only new databases) and only when fractional
quanties are added.

Severity:  Moderate
Effect:  Obviously stale data stored in database.
Range:  Not widespread (only new installs, not upgrades from either
SQL-Ledger or LedgerSMB, and only invoices with fractional quatities).

If you are running databases created from 1.2.x, please immediately
run the following query on the new database:

alter table invoice alter column qty type numeric;

Also, a transaction handling fix is available for those affected but
it is currently undergoing validation.  Those who need the fix should
either upgrade to the latest svn in branches/1.2 or email me for an
experimental tarball.  Please note that this fix has not been fully
validated yet and that it is best to work with us when you install it
in case of problems.

If people believe there is stale data in their database, please
contact us for help, we can provide guidance, free of charge, for
identifying any possible issues, and providing possible solutions.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers