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Re: Sales tax on purchases

This feature is designed for places where VAT is credited back based
on what you pay the vendor.  In this case, that is not what you want.
To avoid this from happening, go to the vendor screen and uncheck the
tax checkboxes.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 3/14/07, Matt Jackson <..hidden..> wrote:

I am entering old Vendor Invoices so that I can "relive" my past year (which
has gone unaccounted for) for tax purposes.

1. went to AP > Vendor Invoice

2. Added all items and their quantites and then-current prices

3. Put in the correct purchase date info. Set Invoice date and due date to
same day (I pre-paid for this stuff last year)

4. I noticed that account 5010 is Freight, an expense, so I figured the
freight costs will be entered later in the process? Put nothing in this
Vendor Invoice to reflect any sort of shipping costs.

5. They charge me a percentage for using a credit card. Did not enter that.
All that shows up is the raw cost of the items.

6. Hit "Post"

My immediate problem is that now for some reason I have a $17.34 charge in
Taxes - which I mean to use to reflect taxes paid *by customers* in my
state, not by me to my suppliers. I don't pay taxes to them.

Any idea how to remove this "expense" and rectify this for the future?

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