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Sales tax on purchases


I am entering old Vendor Invoices so that I can "relive" my past year (which has gone unaccounted for) for tax purposes.

1. went to AP > Vendor Invoice

2. Added all items and their quantites and then-current prices

3. Put in the correct purchase date info. Set Invoice date and due date to same day (I pre-paid for this stuff last year)

4. I noticed that account 5010 is Freight, an expense, so I figured the freight costs will be entered later in the process? Put nothing in this Vendor Invoice to reflect any sort of shipping costs.

5. They charge me a percentage for using a credit card. Did not enter that. All that shows up is the raw cost of the items.

6. Hit "Post"

My immediate problem is that now for some reason I have a $17.34 charge in Taxes - which I mean to use to reflect taxes paid *by customers* in my state, not by me to my suppliers. I don't pay taxes to them.

Any idea how to remove this "expense" and rectify this for the future?