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Questions about LedgerSMB


My employer is evaluating accounting software packages.  We've set up a
sample LedgerSMB instance (using the recent 1.2.0 release candidate),
poked around at it, and looked at the documentation; and now our finance
guy has some questions.  I thought I would pitch them here, and am
hopeful that someone will be able to answer one or more ... feel free to
reply off-list; if I get any useful off-list answers, I'll aggregate
them together and post them back.

Also -- if there is a better forum for seeking this sort of information,
please let me know!

     1. What happens when there is a problem with the software?
     2. How would you rate customer service?
     3. How easy is it to query data?
     4. Does having multiple users create issues?
     5. Can we integrate with tools like F9?
     6. Can we create and consolidate multiple companies?
     7. Can we easily export reports to MS Excel?
     8. Can we create imports from Excel files?
     9. Can we upload a budget and track against it?
    10. Can we create custom fields for GL, AR, AP that can be used for
        search and reporting?
    11. Can we run without inventory? How do we get pass that module?
    12. Can we auto generate invoice numbers?
    13. Can I create AR reports by sales person?
    14. How easy is it to transfer data from old system – QuickBooks?
        Thank you all very much for your time -- I greatly appreciate
        Brett Neumeier