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Re: Problems with first time install

On 2/21/07, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:
Gerald Chudyk wrote:
> If I try to enter the existing ledgersmb data set  instead of test, I get:
> Error! No such file or directory
> A check of the Apache log does not show any error message.
> So...what little/big thing am I missing?

Have you edited ledger-smb.conf and changed the database from "test" to

Yes, I am using ledgersmb as my database name and it shows up in the
postrgres utilities and on the admin.pl page. I wondered if the system
allowed me to create multiple datasets within one database so I gave
that a try.

Your question prompted me to add my database configuration changes to
the www.eko.ca/ledgersmb page that I have created as a reference to my
notes. Hopefully, when this is up and running, the notes will describe
an accurate installation.