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Re: Transition from sql-l to lsmb

On Monday 12 February 2007 07:03, Rich Walker wrote:
> I want to transition from one to the other. To do that, I want to

> Note that I'm not installing the new ledger software *over* the old
> ledger software - I'm installing it in parallel. This may make a
> difference to the migration strategy...

Yup, that would make a difference.  As you work through this, if you want to 
create a document about the steps you follow on the wiki, I'm sure it would 
be useful to others.

> > when I tested and there were not any DOS line-endings.  Also, what
> > version of LedgerSMB were you working with?
> 1.2.0b5

Hmmn.  The version I ran with for the docs was 1.1.7 .  I tend to stick w/the 
stable versions for now.  Made a not of that in the docs.

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