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Re: Transition from sql-l to lsmb

Leah Kubik <..hidden..> writes:

> On Friday 09 February 2007 12:55, Chris Travers wrote:
>> > This is a few comments on trying to do a transition from one to the
>> > other, using the instructions on the Wiki.
>> >
>> > 1. Nothing told me to make sure ledgersmb.conf was set up.
> Er, if you were transitioning you should have already had a ledgersmb.conf , 
> as far as I know...  When I tested/wrote these intructions I didn't have to 
> touch that file at all to have things remain pretty much the same post 
> upgrade.  Could you elaborate?

I didn't say I was doing it right, did I?

I want to transition from one to the other. To do that, I want to
(a) clone the existing database
(b) create a directory under ApacheRoot for the new ledger software
(c) edit the migration script
(d) run the migration script
(e) verify the resulting new ledger
(f) decommission the old ledger

(a) the migration script does.
(b) I did by un-tarring the distribution download
(c) I sent a patch for, and I'll have another look at it later, so it
    can automatically pick up the old .conf file (and, presumably, the
    user and template files)

Note that I'm not installing the new ledger software *over* the old
ledger software - I'm installing it in parallel. This may make a
difference to the migration strategy...

>> > 2. The sl2ls.sh script didn't work very well for me. It assumes an
>> >    installation directory, and has DOS line-endings which may or may not
>> >    confuse things. A patch for the installation directory is below
> Are you running under Linux?  Which version, as the script was SL2LS.pl when I 
> tested and there were not any DOS line-endings.  Also, what version of 
> LedgerSMB were you working with?


Script is definitely sl2ls.sh, and there are definitely dos line-endings...

>> > 3. I'm guessing I can't upgrade from a ledger on postgres 7.4 to a
>> >    ledger on postgres 8.? without migrating the database over first?
> I think it would be a very good idea to migrate the database first.  Very good 
> indeed.


> Sorry to reply to Chris's reply instead of yours directly.  I lost the initial 
> email.
> Leah
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