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Re: Instalation Woes

On 2/12/07, Michael Borck <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi All,

Firstly, I like the direction ledger-smb appears to be heading, hence my
choice to use ledger-smb over sql-ledger.

I am having trouble installing/getting to work ledger-smb.   My main
problem is I can't seem to get to the "admin" section (so can't create a
user hence I can't logon to ledger-smb).    I have tried various install
methods/options as follows.  I am sure I am missing something simple.
Apache finds the pages, I can access postgresql, create databases/users
(via postgres commands).   I was originally running Debian (stable),
used the backports for Postgresql 8.1.  Didn't work, try Debian(testing)
which include postgres 8.1.

1. Install sql-ledger, use ledger-smb 1.1.8 as a "drop in replacement"
as per Readme.  This one get the closest, I login and it gives me the
message that database has been upgraded.  When I log in again all I get
is a blank screen.   Note sql-ledger appears to be working.

Ok.  Unsure what would cause this.  What browser are you using?  Does
it accept framesets?  Can you attach the HTML of the blank screen to
an email?

2. Install from .deb packages both 1.20 Beta 3 & 4, and 1.1.99b3.
Neither work, get to "login screen (admin.pl) and "Access denied"

I will let the debian package developers comment more on exactly what
is required, but I suspect you still need to create the central db,
set the admin password, and point to it in the ledgersmb.conf.

3. Manual install from 1.2.0 Beta 5 source as per INSTALL instructions.
  Admin.pl want a password.  Ran "perl Build.PL" Runs various postgresql
commands, create users, database and then run Pg-central.sql.   No
errors.  I can see the tables etc in the database.  I configure apache2
  and run ledger-smb.  Login screen pops up (s far so good) and admin
requires a password.  Try just hitting logon didn't work.  So next
assumed same as set in ledger-smb.conf, still no luck.  Note the
following postgres command fails:

update users_conf set password = md5('yada');

also tried

update users_conf set password = md5('yada') where id = 1;

 From memory, the error is about password field being type "character
varying" and the information supplied is "character varying".  Used psql
to look at schema but doesn't make too much sense to me.  I have also
assumed the in pg_hba.conf I need to modify authentication method to md5
(I also tried 'none').

Ok, this is apparently a PostgreSQL bug.  Update your PostgreSQL
installation to the latest in the series (i.e. if you are running 8.1,
upgrade to the latest 8.1.x).

My best guess is that it is not detecting I haven't run ledger-sqb
before and so I don't get "change admin password".  So this prevents me
setting up a ledger-smb user and hence never been able to connect to the
postgresql database.

No, this is a bug in PostgreSQL :-)  Fixed in later versions.  I
suspect the issue has to do with handling of parameterized queries
which is why this doesn't break SQL-Ledger.  Take a look at

Failing that, perhaps the connection to postgresql is somehow failing.
Think that it might be related to pg_hba.conf.   Tried, ident, md5 and
none.  None of this works.

Note sql-ledger works (apt-get install sql-ledger).   I have no "real"
data/accounts to update, so I am not looking at preserving anything from SL.

I have searched the mailing list archives but couldn;t fins anything
directly related.

Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong/missing or have some idea
for me to try? If you need more information please let me know.



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