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Re: Purchase parts/services same as sales?


Also, if your business produces services, there is often no relationship 
between purchases and sales at all, and sometimes there is.  For example:

Item				Purchase	Sell
Web Subcontractor Hours		Y		Y
Tax Accountant Hours		Y		N
Employee Programming Hours	N		Y

Actually, that's not that different from a coffee shop:

Item				Purchase	Sell
Coffee Beans			Y		Y
Cups				Y		N
Milk				Y		Y
Lattes				N		Y
Espressos			N		Y

Certainly you could represent a latte or an espresso as some kind of 
assembly, but in practice that would be too onerous to carry out.   And 
"employee coding hours" are no kind of assembly at all.

So, a couple checkboxes would fix this ...


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco