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Re: Backup question

Just to provide a quick and more technical description of the
difference:  All database objects are stored in databases in
PostgreSQL.  This includes global objects (users/groups), local
objects (tables), etc.

PostgreSQL also has the concept of template databases.  When a
database is created, the template database is basically copied to
another location on disk and the catalogs updated.  The two main
template databases are:

template0  (the main base template) and
template1 (the secondary template, which could be customized-- most
db's start out as copies of template1).

Most SQL-Ledger users were adding PLPGSQL to template1 so that when
they create databases, they all have the language installed.

pg_dumpall dumps all databases including global objects.

pg_dump essentially takes the diff of the database from template0.
THis means, if you have languages installed in template1, they will be
reinstalled via the pg_dump bit as well.

Hope this helps,
Chris Travers