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Re: stupid question: standalone ledger-smb / sqlite / HTTP::Daemon

--- Christian Huldt <..hidden..> wrote:

> I got a question regarding the possibility of
> creating a standalone
> package with ledger-smb for educational purposes.
> I have done such packages before but as I am new to
> ledger-smb I thought
> I better ask first.
> My basic idea would be to use DBI::PgLite and
> HTTP::Daemon to create a
> executable PAR archive. Is this just plain stupid,
> or should I rather
> post to the development list? 
> -- 
> Christian Huldt
> +46704612207
More of my possibly useful chatter ... as I was
installing LedgerSMB I was thinking along the same
lines ... it would be nice if as an alternative
LedgerSMB came packaged with SQLite + some simple
built-in web server in one package.  This would be
useful for educational, demo, and for those who need a
simple, easy to install, and portable, accounting
system for their very small business.  Ability to
easily install on multi-ple OS's would also open
considerably the number of people who might use

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