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Re: stupid question: standalone ledger-smb / sqlite / HTTP::Daemon

Bruce Hohl wrote:
--- Christian Huldt <..hidden..> wrote:

I got a question regarding the possibility of
creating a standalone
package with ledger-smb for educational purposes.
I have done such packages before but as I am new to
ledger-smb I thought
I better ask first.

My basic idea would be to use DBI::PgLite and
HTTP::Daemon to create a
executable PAR archive. Is this just plain stupid,
or should I rather
post to the development list? --
Christian Huldt

More of my possibly useful chatter ... as I was
installing LedgerSMB I was thinking along the same
lines ... it would be nice if as an alternative
LedgerSMB came packaged with SQLite + some simple
built-in web server in one package.  This would be
useful for educational, demo, and for those who need a
simple, easy to install, and portable, accounting
system for their very small business.  Ability to
easily install on multi-ple OS's would also open
considerably the number of people who might use
The best way I've used to demonstrate something like this is to use a VMware image. You'd be able to create a fairly small image with Postgresql, apache etc installed and run the VM on Windows or Linux platforms using vmware player. SQLite is not nearly powerful enough to handle the requirements. There are several embedded type browsers which may work, but I'd rather see the efforts of the development team focused on developing the code for Ledger-SMB and not get side tracked with other things at this point. (I do think that expanding the number of users is a good thing, but there are so many issues that need to be fixed/addressed or features that should be added that the developers' time is better spent working on those items).


Darrick Hartman
DJH Solutions, LLC