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Re: New user question: egroupware

On 17 Nov 2006, at 14:19, Anthony Boyington wrote:
Is it possible to get use Ledger-smb with egroupware. I have been using egroupware to run my day to day activities. Ledger-smb seems to have features I am looking for is it possible to import my clients from egroupware into Ledger-smb

Is egroupware able to use LDAP for storing client details?

In his "SQL-Ledger Wishlist" Naked Ape mentions this:

   LDAP integration for customer and vendor tables. Actually, this is
   an item for myself, as I started researching it, discovered it was
   possible, and never got around to implementing it. With OpenLDAP
   2.1, you can build a backend called sql-back that let's you expose
   SQL tables through LDAP. It takes writing some queries custom to
   the SQL application and building some tables or views to map between
   the schema. If I did this, I could reduce the duplication between
   having my customers' contact info in my LDAP addressbook and

If egroupware can access LDAP then you might be able to "expose" your SL^h^h L-SMB customer database to it in the same way.

I caught this comment a while back and have always intended to look more closely at it. I'm pretty sure that Asterisk can do LDAP look- ups, so it would be nice to have caller ID display the customer's name when I receive an incoming call.

I have only recently gone live with SL, however, and have not even started my Asterisk deployment, so it will surely be some months before I'm able to update.

Certainly it would seem to be a limitation if one's customer database was access-able only from the web-interface of one's accounting package... and for me it is currently a duplication of work to maintain customer details twice.

Additionally, if the SL customer DB can be accessed via LDAP, then it could be used by applications such as Apple's iCal server, which has recently been released under an OSS license. This should provide very nice integration of appointments for desktop users - there are a number of calendaring apps which should talk to iCal server quite well; not only the desktop iCal program shipped with Apple's o/s, but Thunderbird & other "Linux-native" programs.