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Re: New user question: egroupware

In the area or open source software, the answer to "is it possible?"
is usually "yes."  This is especially true in the are of integration.
Whether or not it is feasible (or even a good idea) is another matter
and depends greatly on context.

1)  I suppose the ease of which this can be accomplished depends on
which db they are using for the back-end.  If they are using
PostgreSQL, this should be feasible by running things in different
schemas and using triggers to push data back and forth.  If not, you
may need to take a look at DBI-Link or some other form of scaffolding
to pull data back and forth (and things become far more limited and

2)  The LedgerSMB database schema should not be considered stable at
the moment.  This means that you may find that each major upgrade
requires a fair bit of testing.  Once we actually get the db schema in
order, it will be far easier and safer to accomplish this.

3)  In this spirit, if you go ahead with trigger-based replication,
you will certainly want to get on the -devel list, share what you are
doing, and see if there is more general interest in it.  If so, your
costs of maintaining/testing the replication will go down if you can
share them with ithers.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 11/17/06, Anthony Boyington <..hidden..> wrote:
New user question:

Is it possible to get use Ledger-smb with egroupware. I have been using
egroupware to run my day to day activities. Ledger-smb seems to have
features I am looking for is it possible to import my clients from
egroupware into Ledger-smb

Anthony Boyington

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