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Re: Login Error

We recommend ActivePerl 5.8 with the DBD::Pg builds at PGFoundry if
you are going to go the ActivePerl route.  Otherwise we expect to have
an integrated WIn32 installer with VanillaPerl for 1.2 (with all

At the same time, I will be looking into the menu.pl to see what the
problem likely is.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 11/16/06, ..hidden.. <..hidden..> wrote:

I have just finished installing ledger-smb 1.1.1c on my WinXP computer. I
am using PostGres 8.0 and Activestate Perl 5.6.1. The installation went
smoothly and I was able to create a user account. When I try to login as
that user I get an error "Database handle destroyed without explicit
disconnect at menu.pl line 139".

What is causing this? How can I get around it?



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