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Re: Ledger Walkthrough

..hidden.. wrote:
This is what I'm doing:

I need to generate an Invoice so I go to 'AR' and select 'Sales Invoice'.

Under 'Number' I put '01' (service '01' is 'General Drawing Work')
Under 'Description' I put 'Preliminary Drawings for proposed Fly Ash Plant'
As it is a lump sum I leave 'Qty' and 'Unit' blank and put '8,000' under

You need to click "update" sooner. As soon as you enter in '01', hit update. That will prefill the remaining fields that are associated with that. AFTER that, you can fill in the rest of the data. For example, I have a service 'C1' with a description of 'Consulting:'. I enter 'C1' then press update. It fills in 'Consulting:'. I then go back and enter the work I did after the colon. (eg: 'Consulting: Check on Ledger-smb problem for Dave'). You can at that point also change the 'Price' or 'Quantity'.
It's important to have frequent use of the update button.
I then click 'Update' or 'Post' (what is the difference?) and I am told
Update does just that, updates the screen. Post is when you are completely done with an invoice. You post it to the ledger which records the sale of your service to the customer, creating the proper credits and debits in the appropriate asset and liability accounts. You should never re-post an invoice. If you need to enter temporary information, use a Sales order and later convert that to an invoice. Think of it as writing in pen vs. writing in pencil. A posted invoice is never meant to be changed.


'Item not on file!' and am asked to pick 'Part' or 'Service'. I say
'Service' and am taken to the 'Add Service' Screen with 'Service Number'
filled in as '01' and 'Description' = 'Preliminary Drawings for proposed
Fly Ash Plant'. I already have a Service Item '01' which is 'General
Drawing Work'. I have no option but to save this which gives me two
Services under 'Number' '01'. If that's the way it works, that's okay, I
guess I can live with that, but I suspect I'm doing something wrong.

But I still need my invoice so I go back to 'AR' -> 'Reports' ->
'Outstanding' and I see my invoice there. I click it and I get a screen
called 'Edit AR Transaction' but nothing that I could send to the client.
Te same occurs if I select 'AR' -> 'Reports' -> 'Transactions' (what is the

I'm pretty sure that all the Accountants on the list are ROFL, but what am
I doing wrong?

Darrick Hartman
DJH Solutions, LLC