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Re: Ledger Walkthrough


Thanks for the reply. As Richard Ellis suggested my explanation of my
problem is not too clear. I'm sure that the implementation of the part
number/description number logic works, it's just that I don't think I'm
using it correctly.

This is what I'm doing:

I need to generate an Invoice so I go to 'AR' and select 'Sales Invoice'.

Under 'Number' I put '01' (service '01' is 'General Drawing Work')
Under 'Description' I put 'Preliminary Drawings for proposed Fly Ash Plant'
As it is a lump sum I leave 'Qty' and 'Unit' blank and put '8,000' under

I then click 'Update' or 'Post' (what is the difference?) and I am told
'Item not on file!' and am asked to pick 'Part' or 'Service'. I say
'Service' and am taken to the 'Add Service' Screen with 'Service Number'
filled in as '01' and 'Description' = 'Preliminary Drawings for proposed
Fly Ash Plant'. I already have a Service Item '01' which is 'General
Drawing Work'. I have no option but to save this which gives me two
Services under 'Number' '01'. If that's the way it works, that's okay, I
guess I can live with that, but I suspect I'm doing something wrong.

But I still need my invoice so I go back to 'AR' -> 'Reports' ->
'Outstanding' and I see my invoice there. I click it and I get a screen
called 'Edit AR Transaction' but nothing that I could send to the client.
Te same occurs if I select 'AR' -> 'Reports' -> 'Transactions' (what is the

I'm pretty sure that all the Accountants on the list are ROFL, but what am
I doing wrong?

Chris Travers wrote:
> Replying to all because my emails are being delayed wrt the email
> lists (either SF or Gmail dns issues, I think).
> The current way this works is that the part number and description
> numbers have different functions depending on whether that line item
> is associated with a given inventory part.  This can be annoying (and
> confusing) and we might want to look for a way of doing it
> differently, but I can't think of any alternatives that would be
> better.  If you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to share them.
> The way to resolve this issue is to enter the part number, press enter
> (or click update).  This will fill in the line item with default
> information about the part.  Then you can set the description (or even
> part number, though this is not recommended) to different values.
> Note though that a blank part number will cause the item to be deleted
> from the invoice.
> I am interested in adding a walk through to the documentation  I will
> add that to the feature requests.  But there are a lot of other
> priorities at the moment so it may have to wait unless others are
> willing to contribute it.
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
> On 9/29/06, Dave Coventry <..hidden..> wrote:
>> Chris,
>> I'm continuing to screw up my invoicing and now have multiple AR
>> transactions for the same job.
>> I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. I want to generate an invoice,
>> but I keep getting 'Item not on file' and insisting I put the
>> description in as a separate item.
>> I'm doing drawings, which I have entered as Item 01. But I need to
>> describe what the drawing is. And it won't let me.
>> Hell, I feel so incompetent.
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