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Re: Ledger Walkthrough

On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 02:08:52PM +0200, Dave Coventry wrote:
> Chris,
> I'm continuing to screw up my invoicing and now have multiple AR 
> transactions for the same job.
> I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. I want to generate an invoice, 
> but I keep getting 'Item not on file' and insisting I put the 
> description in as a separate item.

Last week, when I was trying to work out an issue I had with a "how
to get this to work" aspect (see the archives for the thread related
to regular recurrent payments for rent) I obtained the most
informative answers when I specified step by step exactly what I was
doing along the way.

The same would apply here for you. If you explain exactly where you
go, what you open, what boxes you fill in, in what order, step by
step, then it's much more likely that the knowledgable here can help. 
In fact, if you explained it step by step, I might even have gained
enough LSMB knowledge now to help you out in some of the less
esoteric aspects.

So how about a detailed explanation of exactly how you are using

> I'm doing drawings, which I have entered as Item 01. But I need to 
> describe what the drawing is. And it won't let me.
> Hell, I feel so incompetent.

It's not that, you just havn't keyed in on the way that LSMB wants it
done.  I had the same as you, multiple, unlinked, and there not
closed, AR transactions.  Once some of the others gave me some
tips/hints from seeing exactly what I was doing, I was able to
finally work out the way to do what I wanted that kept LSMB happy.


PS - not only that, but the answers given can then be useful to
"lift" from the archives and merge into any documentation that is