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Analysing issues eg tax, assemblies, payroll etc

As mentioned a day or so ago, I need to take a break from here. Today I
went to spend 30 minutes reading the list and making an odd reply, and 6
hours passed. God knows how many hours Chris and others are spending.
Anyway I have got to focus on a $, and that is not here, not currently

So in passing for now, I just want to ask that you all continue full
discussion in the aspects of functionality raised so far, and others,
without expecting to reach answers for a matter of days if not weeks on
some issues. I just fear that some answers get jumped out too quickly
before the questions are fully understood, and that will never give a
good result. Proper analysis takes a lot of to and from on some things,
and that simply takes time. Time and a lot of to and fro is not bad, its
good, for a lot of key issues. On some issues, the project needs to slow
down and ideas thrown around a lot before answers are suggested, eg tax,
assemblies, payroll to think of examples of late.

Sorry if that seems obvious for some. On this therefore obvious note I
shall sign off for a week or six, or whenever.