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Re: Tax and locations

On Mon, 2006-09-25 at 21:27 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> THere was talk about adding support at the shipto level.  Not sure if
> this really helps though.  It will take more time to adequately define
> the appropriate usage model.  Yes, the db schema will need to be
> changed if we need to support tax by zipcode (a requirement for
> Arkansans, iirc).
> Probably the best solution long-term is to create a system of business
> rules-based tax calculation and not tie it into any specific
> locale-specific model.

My thought for the easiest way to do this... Maybe not the best way:

-add a shiptotax table (ala customertax and vendortax).
-add a field to the tax table to state whether the tax is based on
billto or shipto

Personally I like the matrix approach that SQL Ledger/LedgerSMB uses for
taxes. All of the rule based tax calculation approaches I've seen have
had a short coming in some locale or another or are horribly complex to
configure for your locale.

The other enhancement I'd like to see if someone is messing around in
the tax system is a charttax table and use of said table for AR/AP
transactions. I forget who it was that suggested this feature quite some
time ago now but I thought at the time: That would be a really nice
feature. It was around the time that Dieter added the override check
boxes to the AR/AP transaction screen.

The other thing that drives me nuts, even a lot of commercial products
fall victim to this one, is not allowing for more than one sales tax on
an invoice. If we're going to revamp the tax system multiple taxes per
invoice is a required feature as far as I'm concerned and I would think
that around 70-80% of Canadian business owners are with me on this. In
Canada there is a Federal tax and all the provinces, except two I can
think of, have a Provincial tax both of which are collectible on most
transactions and which have to be remitted separately to different

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