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Tax and locations

I would reply on SL, but cant and prefer to post it here:

On Mon, 2006-09-25 at 23:27 -0400, C. Duncan Hudson wrote:

> You see sales tax is based upon ship to address, but SQL-Ledger only
> maintains tax information at the bill to level.  So anyone who normally
> gets taxed, and who drop ships out of state gets erroneously taxed by
> the system.  The reverse happens too - an out of state customer
> purchases something in state and is therefore subject to tax; however,
> SQL-Ledger won't tax him.  The only way to rectify the situation is to
> create multiple customers for each tax scenario - that, though, makes
> statementing a total mess.
... assuming LSMB is currently the same here as SL. I wonder if the
schema is OK, but the tax calculation is currently too simplistic.
Instead of looking only at the bill-to address...

- Look at an address of us, and the ship-to of the customer. (Which
part of the address: it depends on the country. Like payroll, the rules
vary from one country to the next). If different calculate, if the same
calculate differently. Hmm. it seems the system might need a data
driven tax calculation module, and additional tables to cater for it. I
suppose it would lead to an Enhancement Request like 'Calculate sales
tax based on location dependent rules'

> SQL-Ledger's tax logic has been my biggest pet peeve since we started 
> using the application.  It needs a total overhaul!  LedgerSMB team, if 
> you're listening fix it!