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[ledgersmb-devel] Setting a policy for our dependencies
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[ledgersmb-devel] Setting a policy for our dependencies


Sending this mail to the mailing list, because I think that's where we need to set our policies.

I'm starting this topic because I feel like it's come up several times now and I think it's time to set a policy, with documented reasons as to why we're working the way we do.

First, let me re-iterate what I think are our shared goals for LedgerSMB (as related to our choice of dependencies). We want:

LedgerSMB to be easy to install, meaning
 * On as many platforms as possible
 * Allowing people to use their distro's packages as much as possible
 * Running first and foremost on Perl versions in most distros
 * Allowing for a wide range of PostgreSQL versions
 * Integrating (through PSGI/reverse-proxy) with people's favorate webserver

Translating the above into requirements for modules we depend on, I think we want to:

 * Use modules which have been around for a while (to increase chances of being packaged)
 * Allow the widest possible version range on any module, disallowing individual malfunctioning versions to further extend the range
 * Require as few a possible modules in the expanded dependency tree (prefer modules as direct dependencies which are already depended on implicitly)
 * Not depend directly on modules which have overlapping functionalities
 * Not require modules which only provide nice-to-have functionality
 * Group feature dependencies into their respective features as much as possible (so as to not require them for a more basic installation)

With respect to modules used in development, I'd like to be less strict, but only marginally so: we want it to be "simple enough" to create a development setup for LedgerSMB.





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