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[devel] Turning off Coveralls commenting on PRs?
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[devel] Turning off Coveralls commenting on PRs?


Currently, all PRs are tested by Coveralls and Travis CI. Travis CI doesn't comment on our PRs, but Coveralls does. Initially, maybe, there wasn't a good way for Coveralls to indicate success/failure otherwise. However, since both Coveralls and Travis have the "tests in progress" section on the PR, every PR will show the latest Coveralls state right above the merge button.

So, I propose we stop Coveralls from generating these comments.

Anybody who does want the Coveralls notifications would need to create a coveralls account, add the LedgerSMB repo to his account and set up e-mail notification. With that, you'll receive mail notification of every Travis CI build with coverage information.

If no objections by the end of Sunday, I'll modify the settings in Coveralls accordingly.



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