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Re: print media css

Hi Michael,

On 05/05/17 23:30, Michael Richardson wrote:
> David G <..hidden..> wrote:
>     > I'll agree, I hadn't considered partial forms etc.
>     > Would you mind (using the stylish browser plugin) creating a userstyle
>     > that works the way you would like?
> googling...
> got it.
>     > If you can do that it would be appreciated, if not, we will get to it,
>     > but the list is currently long.
>     > I've added another issue #2785 to track this.
> I thought that stylish plugin was going to help me edit the style.
> I see now that it will just insert it once I make it...
Yep, Styish allows you to "in real time" create or modify CSS for a
specific site or page.
I suggested you use that to come up with something that works right for
your needs due to the "realtime" nature of it.
Editing our in tree CSS is nowhere near as trivial, as it requires
restarts, cache flushes, and browser caching overrides.
In General, more trouble that it's worth.

I use Stylish anytime I need to modify CSS then port the changes over to
the main codebase.

David G

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