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We'd like to conduct an inventory of our stock. I see two options, 
Import and Enter inventory.

The first, importing inventory asks for some parameters I don't 
understand. AR and AP accounts are dropdowns w/o any selectable options. 
Checkboxes for onhand amount, delta, and single/multi dates.

And a file with a format I don't know. Is this explained somewhere?

The second, entering, starts with a source. What is that? Then I can 
enter a parts number. Seems there is no search facility here(?) and then 
the counted # of items. Then the mystery starts. This item has -2 in the 
system. I enter 2 and presses Next. Then it's listed with -2 On Hand and 
-4 Adjustment. If I press Save, I'm back to the first inventory page. No 
error, warning, or acknowledgment. Did it save anything? Apparantly not, 
as there are still -2 on stock. Nothing in the log.

Also, why are the parameters necessary for the import not present here 
in the enter option?

How do ppl do stock inventory?


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