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Re: Database schema changes && related data migrations

Hi all,

Let's continue exchanging views to get the best solution possible.

Discussion continued on the #ledgersmb channel. In summary, it completely focussed on the data migration side. Basically, everybody agrees with the proposal made so far and pretty much dies to take the discussion to the next level of complexity. I'm personally seeing the pre-change validation and the application of the change itself as prerequisites to data migration, but I don't (yet) see the need to have an all-encompasing design to data migration in order to implement a useful pre-change validation scheme.
BTW, this discussion isn't triggered by my desire to move MC to master, but rather my desire to add a few NOT NULL constraints to our database where I *know* there to exist conflicting data.

 I think my next step in the topic is to start implementing the required infrastructure to do pre-change validation, with support for decoupled UI.



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