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From live discussion with David Godfrey: Merge MC branch to master?


Two weeks ago, when he was in Europe, David sat down with me to discuss a number of items. Some of those will come later. There was one major issue we discussed though and I want to bring our proposal forward here.

David put forward that having the MC (multi-currency) branch merged to master gets a maintenance burden off my shoulders (which it indeed will). In addition to that, merging to master early provides for a (hopefully) long enough period to shake out any of the problems that it may cause.

Additionally, his idea is that if this code is on master, it becomes our collective problem to create a data migration strategy to MC, whereas currently it's probably mostly my problem...

While I'm not very much in favor of throwing up roadblocks for releases, even if they're far in the future. However, I must admit that if there are others in favor of moving MC to master so we have it for 1.6, getting rid of the maintenance burden (however small) does seem attractive.


PS: Before anybody merges this branch: I need to convert the schema changes I did to the general approach as per sql/changes/  (which is pre-dated by the MC branch).



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