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Re: [plug] IT budget, software or techniques

Hi Gregory,

I'm replying to this from a different address so that Jame can have a
look (Our debian Packaging expert)

Unless you subscribe to the ledgersmb dev list you will get a not
subscribed email when you reply, don't worry too much if that happens :)

David G

On 21/06/16 10:43, Gregory Orange wrote:
> Off list for fine details...
> This is from Lubuntu default apt repos. That is, all repos in
> sources.list are *.ubuntu.com. As you said, apt.ledgersmb.org would
> give me a different experience. If and when I get to trying that, I'll
> give feedback on these same details.
> $ dpkg -l | grep ledger
> ii  ledgersmb                                   1.3.25-1
> On 21 June 2016 at 10:42, David Godfrey <..hidden..> wrote:
>> Hi Greg,
>> Interesting comments you've made.
>> Any chance you could send me the exact version number of the package you
>> installed?
>> I thought those issues had been fixed for the currently available packages.
>> Regards
>> David G
>> On 21/06/16 10:36, Gregory Orange wrote:
>>> On 21 June 2016 at 10:32, David Godfrey <..hidden..> wrote:
>>>> Just a word of warning, the LedgerSMB package in the Debian "main"
>>>> Repositories is probably 1.3, DON'T install that.
>>>> Rather use the version available from http://apt.ledgersmb.org which is 1.4
>>>> There are significant improvements.
>>>> We have a team member who is working on getting 1.4 into the main debian
>>>> repositories, but as usual meeting the requirements to get a package
>>>> into main after release is non-trivial.
>>> Okay, well I think I'll be leaving this alone until my next round of
>>> quarterly recording efforts, so perhaps it will be in mainline apt by
>>> then (I'm on Lubuntu 14.04 FYI), or perhaps I'll do as you say and add
>>> that apt repo.
>>> Also FYI, the default Apache LedgerSMB config is a little broken.
>>> You're probably aware that Debian-esque installs do things a bit
>>> differently, i.e. with conf-available/ and conf-enabled/ to be managed
>>> by a2enconf et al. Well, ledgersmb-httpd.conf was installed into
>>> conf.d/ - no biggie, just copied it across to conf-available. Also,
>>> CGI wasn't properly configured - the .pl file attempts to download
>>> instead of running. Some things that would smooth the first time
>>> experience.
>>> Peace,
>>> Greg.

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