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Re: 1.5 beta 6, Parts search

Hi Kaare,

On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 10:59 AM, Kaare Rasmussen <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi Erik

> Thanks for that analysis and sorry for waking up to the issue this
> late. Last week a new PGObject::Type::DateTime module was released to
> CPAN to address an issue which sounds just like yours (I wasn't seeing
> it, but Yves Lavoie was, at the time).

Sounds like it's similar, but not the same, unfortunately.

> Could you upgrade your PGObject::Type::DateTime module? I hope that
> solves it!
The installed version is already 1.0.3. It's strange.

Ok. You can verify if it's the one I mean by checking this bit: https://github.com/ledgersmb/PGObject-Type-DateTime/blob/master/lib/PGObject/Type/DateTime.pm#L85-L102

If yours doesn't have that "new" method, you have the old version (and then the version wasn't updated before upload, apparently. Something we'll have to fix).
For now I'll just go with removing the 'defined' in PGDate line 140.

I'm a bit affraid that might cause other problems. But if it works for now, please just remember that you did and re-install the version from CPAN if you hit more date probelms.




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