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Re: 1.5 beta 6, Parts search


Actually, it's all over the place, where there are date entry fields, e.g. Sales Order Entry. I can't be the only one seeing this?

No, I'm not seeing it in my local environment; nor are the automated testers complaining (although the latter could be a consequence of insufficient test-definition).

Is there a user-setting for the date format in your user_preferences table?

No, there's no date format. Actually, $LedgerSMB::App_State::User is an empty hash.

So, I've looked into this a bit. I wonder if it's a version issue. Seems that PGDate can both have ->{_pgobject_is_date} and ->is_time set to 0. For e.g. Sales Orders, the reqdate shows this at my installation.

That means that to_output doesn't return '' or define a $fmt.

Thanks for that analysis and sorry for waking up to the issue this late. Last week a new PGObject::Type::DateTime module was released to CPAN to address an issue which sounds just like yours (I wasn't seeing it, but Yves Lavoie was, at the time).

Could you upgrade your PGObject::Type::DateTime module? I hope that solves it!




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