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More tests for source code formatting on 'master' (sql and js)

Hi all,

Until today, Pg-database.sql contained "valid" tabs (as in: intentional tabs). However, since my editor is set to eliminate all tabs on save, it would have destroyed Pg-database.sql the next time I would have edited it.

In order to prevent that from happening, I've prevent this from happening, I've replaced the "valid" tabs with another delimiter. While at it, I've replaced all tabs and trailing spaces in all SQL sources, to make the files comply with the same source formatting we apply to our Perl code.

When I was done, I moved on to our JS sources as well -- we only have very little JS code at the moment, so that was easily adapted.

To prevent non-conforming code changes from entering the code base, I've implemented two new tests:
 * t/01-sql-checks.t
 * t/01-js-checks.t

Which at the moment simply check for trailing whitespace and tabs.



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