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Re: Major Problem on Forum fixed

On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 10:01:47AM +0200, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> When requesting my password be sent to me (I think I have an account), I
> get an internal server error, just a few minutes ago -- and a reference to
> the contact page.

I found that problem. Very subtle little error. I was able to send a
password request successfully.
Please try again. I would also like it if someone would register, post,
try to change lots of user info, etc. Especially changing the password
to a new one.

Should anyone get locked out from direct access to web server, please
send an email to this list. I have software to block out evil-doers
completely but I can fix that if I know about it. You will not be able
to send me an email coming out of the same IP address. But another IP
address can get through.

Chris Bennett

Mobile security can be enabling, not merely restricting. Employees who
bring their own devices (BYOD) to work are irked by the imposition of MDM
restrictions. Mobile Device Manager Plus allows you to control only the
apps on BYO-devices by containerizing them, leaving personal data untouched!
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