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Major Problem on Forum fixed

Mailing list messages have not been getting posted to the forum for a
good while now.
OpenBSD developed it's own OpenSMPTD and ditched Sendmail.
I was able to get all of my software to work with it, but the forum
software I just couldn't get to make compatible.

So I have back tracked and installed sendmail and an older POP3 server.
Everything is a working fine now with the posts. No messages from email
lists have been lost.

If you have the time, please try some of the other user functions that
require an email response back to you, such as changing your password,

Please post to the board that does not require membership. I need to fix
all my contact pages to go back to working with sendmail.

Chris Bennett

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bring their own devices (BYOD) to work are irked by the imposition of MDM
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