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1.5 testing

Admittedly, I've been testing on beta 4, but ISTM that the issues I 
mention here aren't on the list of fixes/enhancements. Anyway, here goes.

Installation with

perl Makefile.PL
make install

(fixing a ton of issues with various modules) and the


works very well, given that you DON'T try to change the db_namespace 
parameter in the configuration file. Not sure what the option is for; 
perhaps the tables and functions can be moved later?

Trying to add users also works well, given that you don't try to add an 
existing PostgreSQL user, e.g. myself. A not very helpful error message 
takes a little time to decipher. Perhaps it's possible, or could be 
possible in the future? Anyway, I guess it's just a matter of adding to 
the user table.

Now I'm out of time, stuck with the problem that the locale isn't 
initialized in LedgerSMB::App_State, leading to the inability to add 
customers. Where is it supposed to get the locale from?


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