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Heads up for users of master: cpanfile && prove


If you're using or about to use 'master', you should know I'm about to merge a pull request which moves us away from using Makefile.PL.

Instead, we'll use 'cpanfile' and 'prove'. We're making this change because it becomes easier for our users to install LedgerSMB. It also becomes easier /not/ to pull too many dependencies. And it becomes easier not to "pollute" the system for future updates: in the past we've seen many people having run 'make install'.

Additionally, with this change, our users can start managing their deployments using 'carton' (http://search.cpan.org/~miyagawa/Carton-v1.0.24/lib/Carton.pm); which calls itself "Bundler for Perl".

This change means that:

Dependency installation

Changes from running 'make', 'make test' or 'make install' to:

 $ cpanm --quiet --notest --installdeps .
for production users; these options can be added to enable features:

 $ cpanm --quiet --with-develop --installdeps .
for developers, which includes development and test dependencies.

Running tests

Running tests changes from:
  $ <env vars> make test

  $ prove

There will be no Makefile.PL anymore. We may at some time introduce a standard Makefile to automate development and delivery tasks, but that work hasn't started yet.

After this change hits master, I'll change README.md and INSTALL.md to include the above in a bit more descriptive way.

This also means your 'inc/' and 'blib/' subdirectories can be deleted.



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