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Questions due to writing 1.5 installation instructions: "standalone" / "TeX::Encode" / REST ?

Hi all,

Due to trying to write a comprehensive list of instructions people should run to install LedgerSMB 1.5, I now have a number of questions:

1. Our Makefile.PL lists CGI::Emulate::PSGI as a dependency under the Starman server. It's my perception though that in order to run 1.5, you need Plack, Plack::Builder, Plack::Middleware::Static and CGI::Emulate::PSGI. *Always*. Then, if you want to run "stand alone", you can install Starman. But the other 4 aren't optional. Am I right? I mean, we don't support "pure CGI" anymore... But if not through Plack, then how?

2. Makefile.PL lists "TeX::Encode" both as a core requirement as well as a feature requirement for LaTeX. I'd think this really is *only* for LaTeX/PDF?

3. What is the status of our "RESTful Web Services XML support"? It's listed as a feature, but does it work? Has it ever worked? Are we actively advertizing this feature's availability?




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