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(Switching to) "cpanfile" to declare dependencies for 'cpanm'?

As I'm writing the installation instructions for 1.5, I have David's reaction to Marjan in the back of my head where my advise to use ```cpanm``` to install the dependencies for LedgerSMB works a bit too well, pulling in all the dependencies we added for our BDD testing framework.

My thinking is that - if we want testing on users systems *at all* - we want just only minimal tests being run on our users systems. So, I'd like to declare most of our test dependencies to be "development tools" (development dependencies).

The MakeMaker format doesn't seem to have a facility to do that.

But cpanfile *does* have a facility to do that *and* ```cpanm``` has support for 'cpanfile'. What's more, anything declared as "development dependency" will be skipped for installation unless explicitly requested.

I'm thinking cpanfile is much more the tool we need than MakeMaker?

The fact that CPAN doesn't support cpanfile is not a problem: out of 10 years of existence in the project, we've never distributed through CPAN...



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